Our firm has specialized lawyers in all areas.


As part of the services provided by the study, we develop the resolution of complex disputes in civil, commercial, criminal, labor, consumer protection, contractual and extracontractual issues, damages, among others, in which personal dedication and specialized knowledge is decisive.

Corporate and Business Law

Estudio Estevarena Law Firm has a solid experience in advising corporate clients at the level of small and medium-sized companies. This allows a fluid legal advice in the various aspects that make business operations, based on a dynamic work, speed of response and rapid understanding of the conflicting issues of current business.

Estevarena Firm advises companies in all matters relating to the regulations applicable to companies, corporate conflicts, negotiations regarding mergers or acquisitions, due diligence, issues relating to corporate life and may eventually appoint a professional to participate in the governing body of the company.

Civil Law. Succession. Family Conflicts

The study provides individual advice regarding civil matters, acting in various areas such as civil liability, claims for damages, inheritance, civil litigation.

Criminal Law and Economic Criminal Law

We provide private defense in all manifestations and stages of the process to companies, officials, individuals and professionals, exercising both the defense of those who are accused in criminal cases, and representing those who have been victims of a crime, with the contribution of all practical areas of the study to provide comprehensive advice.

Private International Law

The members of the study manage, in addition to Spanish, English, French and Italian, and intervene in conflicts that can be addressed in different countries, solving situations with criteria that have proven their effectiveness for years.

Real State Advice. Real State Law. Notarial Law and Investments

Comprehensive advice to the client when making real estate investments, intervening in the drafting of contracts, agreements, reservations, and negotiations of sale, rent, swap, etc. Loan operations, and guarantees.

Labour Law

Our practice in the area of ​​labor law covers the advice of both companies and workers in all aspects relating to individual and collective work relationships, with experience before the ministerial authorities, Seclo, and in the jurisdiction of Labor.

Customs Law

Our firm has specialized lawyers in customs law, conflicts over excess cash or conflicts in imports and exports