Estevarena & Asociados Law Firm

Estevarena & Asociados law firm was founded in 2000, with the clear vocation to assist its clients in a personalized and permanent way. To do this, it has a team of legal professionals and related activities, with extensive experience in its areas of responsibility.

Our Mission

Estevarena & Asociados law firm has a team of experienced legal professionals, with an intense and constant direct professional activity in the City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires State, Tierra del Fuego State, and action in the Federal Courts of all the country. Likewise, the Firm has a network of collaborators in the territory of the Argentine Republic, Italy, the United States and also has a permanent representation in France, from where it directs its activities throughout Europe.

We believe that legal advice is based on the understanding and joint understanding of business, based on a creative, agile, efficient vision and that acts as a bridge to facilitate opportunities, trade relations and, of course, the immediate resolution of conflicts. The objective of the Study is to satisfy quickly, efficiently and completely the interests of its clients. For this, the Study applies all its experience and agile concepts of orientation and valorization of the client, granting a personalized attention that allows an advantageous decision making.


Diego Cruz ESTEVARENA, Lawyer, 1995.
Ramón Horacio LATIENDA, Lawyer, 1991.
Cecilia María DEDRYVER, Lawyer 1996.
And partner lawyers.


The partners of the study are fluent in addition to Spanish, English, French and Italian; besides having other citizenships.